The Asari are oftenly considered the most powerful and respectable race in the galaxy. They are know for diplomacy , elegance and biotic skill. The Asari were the first to discover and settle in the Citadel. The Asari created the Citadel Council and are a all female species. They are also a very peaceful yet, powerful species.  Most Asari live for about a millinium ( 1,000 years ). The Asari can predouce with males or females but, can also produce on their own by simply using their own triats to clone themselves. Asari's non-Asari mates are oftenly, confused on why their traits are never taken on by their mates. This is because of the fact that other mates are simply a way to add traits to te offspring. The offspring are given the traits of their mates from their mates memories and desires that they share when mating.