A group of drell


The Hanar look similar to earth's jellyfish. The hanar are known for being polite and for being very religious.


Most hanar stand slightly taller than the average humans. Every hanar can sense natural toxins. Even though hanar can live in water they can also live on land.


The hanar home world is 90% ocean and has a white star. The hanar's most common religion is based off of the Protheans known by them as the "Enkindlers". Most Drell were dying out because their home world was on scare reources due to overpopulation and scare resources. Seven hundred thousand Drell were saved and brought to the hanar's home world. Hanar have two names a face name and a sole name. The face name is used for formal purposes while, the second name sole name was used for close friends , family , and relationships. Hanar refer to themselves as " this one ". The hanar have a religious holiday called Nyahir or " First Cresting Bloom" which celebrates the gift of speech.


Few hanar are willing to deal with other species so, most trade is limited to their home world. Few technologies designed for fingered and bipedal species are in their space or planet.


The hanar government is known as the Illuminated Primacy. The hanar can become hostile if their religion is insulted in any way which occasionally lead to fights with other citadel races.


The hanar military is small. They also have Drell that play a big role in their military.