Linaria is one of your squad members in mass effect.


Linaria's mother ( Matriarch Benezia ) was indoctrinated by Saren and became a servent or him. Linaria also becomes Commander Shepard's squad member after he recuses her. Linaria was used to being alone and confessed to oftenly saying embarrassing things around other people. Linaria was obviously facinated and attracted to Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 1 but, in the ither Mass Effects this was less obvious. By Mass Effect 2 Linaria's personality becomes much darker as she shows that she is willing to do anything to achieve her goals. In a mission in Mass Effect 2 commander shepard can help Lianaria kill the Shadow Broker and she takes over the Blue Sun. Linaria also finds the criucible which is a device that is used to destory the reapers.


Linaria can be Commander Shepard's love interest.