Group of turians
 The First Contact War also known as the 314 Relay Incident was short a three month war between the humans and the turians.

First ContactEdit

Humans discovered the Charon Relay and then began to eagerly travel through many other relays. In 2157 these explorers were noticed by the turians. The humans were reactivating Relay 314 which was forbidden under Citadel Regulations after the Rachni wars but, instead of negotiating the turians opened fire. One alliance ship escaped to warn others then the alliance reinforcements destroyed the turian vessles. This sparked the war.

The War BeginsEdit

For a while, turians managed to destroy a few allaince fleets due to the fact that most alliance fleets were scattered. Then the turians were able to take Shanxi ( a human colony). Admiral Kastanie Dresher lead a second fleet to the planet cataching the turians by suprise and defeating their forces. The turians and humans prepared for a full scale interplanetary war.


Then the Citadel Council intervened and brought a peace treaty. In the end their were only 623 humans losses with slightly more turian casualties. This event also caused the humans to meet the Citadel Council. With humanity's first contact with an alien race being a war many would later bring a bad reputation on the human race as aggressors. This also led to pro-human groups like Terra Ferma and Cerberus. The turians were ordered by the council to pay heavy reperations for the war to the humans. Saren Arterius began to hate humans due to the death of his brother due to the war.

war which drawed noticed to the rest of the galaxy.