The Volus are a assocate race on the Cithadel with their own embassy. They hail from Irune and can't breath properly in most planets air so, they wear suits like Quarians. Volus mainly make their influence through trade. Howeevr, they have never been invited to join the Council which is a unfortunate fact for the Volus. 


The Volus are short and chubby. They have never been seen outside of their suits outside their homeworld.


The Volus culture is dominated by trade. This includes for land and many other things. The Volus are known through out the galaxy for trading. The Volus also have many business , engineers , scientists and stores through out the galaxies.


The Volus government is known as the Vol Protectorate. The Volus government is a client state of the Turian Hierarchy for military defense. In turn for this the Volus must pay a tax to the Hierarchy. They also share their Council embassy with the Elcor.


The Volus rely on the Turians for military sense they do not have very much military power however, they do have to sonmetimes rely on their own defense and support the Turians in war. The Volus usually are engineers or mechanics when helping the Turians but, also have soldiers. The Volus mainly prefer air combat due to their physical disadvantages. They usually rely on Turians for ground support but, on rare ocassions have ground troops. Volus ground troops are armed with machine gun pistols and 2 grenades. They usually act as guards for things if Turians are not available.