They are known for their unique biology and agressive behavior. A number of Vorcha are criminals. Many Vorcha live in poor or dangerous worlds. Most of the galaxy sees them as pest and scavengers. 


Vorcha are the shortest lived species known of in the Mass Effect Galaxy. They have a life spawn of only 20-30 years. To make matters worse for them they do not have many doctors or much advanced technology to help treat sickness which could help higher their life exspectancies. Vorcha have deadly soldiers and criminals due to the fact that they can heal rapidly. Vorcha can even grow lost limbs within a period of months. Vorcha also breed rapidly and a lot. 


Vorcha's society is built around combat. Many Vorcha's live in clans and prefer to live around their own kind than other species. This is also why most Vorcha live in planets with high Vorcha populations. Many Blood Pack members recruit Vorcha. Many businesses in Mass Effect adopt Vorcha childern and make them miners or factory workers. Some people adopt Vorcha children to give them a better life.


The Vorcha have no formal military.